What do guests get?

When you come and join us on air it is more than just a live radio interview. We would like to demonstrate what and where the social media is distributed.

Prior to the show, we like to tell the public and our followers about who YOU are. By doing this we will include links to either your business website or your personal artist page. We ask you to also share this on your page.

During the show, we have a LIVE Facebook feed which can be linked or shared on multiple private or public forums throughout Facebook, this engages with ours and your followers and enables them to be part of the conversation/interview process.

The audience can also ask questions via our Twitter feed or via the studio Whats app on +34 692 250 900.

After the show, we like to take a final photo with your host to publish on other social media avenues. We additionally, have recorded the show and will upload the show via mixcloud which will be posted on our website and easily accessible for any means or channels you may want to use it for.

Granted you are happy with all of the above, lets kick on and make magic happen!

For example, in September the 1st we welcomed Sascha Rado on to the Barcelona People show from 09.00 to 10.00 with Jim Kent.


First Facebook post 8 hours before: 


Instagram post:

 Sascha Rado

Facebook Live Feed:


Mixcloud: Everyone can hear the show!