Something Else! with T-Bird

Fridays 15.00-17.00

Something Else

Journey into sound: travel in space and time to places real and imagined through music along with T-Bird.

T-Bird (half of Los Chicos Altos,) is from Los Angeles in the USA, but lives near Barcelona.  He has been a DJ/Producer for more than 25 years and spins all over the USA, UK and Europe.  Also, his group, Los Chicos Altos, has made tracks (originals and remixes) for some well-known labels: Wonderwheel & Fort Knox (USA,) Katakana (DE,) Warner (ES,) UrbanWorld (DK) and others. T-Bird says “I play varied music like electronic, soul/funk, world music and even some rock, but I manage to create my own sound – quality music to enjoy.”

The Bird House (T-Bird official website)
Los Chicos Altos Soundcloud